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A little about me!

Hello and welcome to my site. I specifically started this blog to provide information and advice to friends and family who wanted the wine world simplified as well as share my travels! A common question is “What should I buy?" If you have ever stood in front of rows and rows of bottles in a wine store, intimidated and unsure of what and how to pick a good wine….this is YOUR site! I have been a US Marine for over 30 years and I have traveled to over 30 countries around the world! Along the way I have accumulated hundreds of experiences. Currently living in Germany, I enjoy sharing my adventures with friends and family on great cultures, great food and where to get great wine!! Over the past several years I have been privately advising which wines to drink with which food, conducting wine tastings and providing travel suggestions to hundreds of friends! Let me help you as well!

Those closest to me know I am a closet wine-snob with a few wine certifications to back up my ‘advice’. I simply want to help you find some varietals that YOU like and to assist YOU so you can no longer feel intimidated when you set out to pick a ‘perfect’ bottle. Here's to YOUR next adventture! Una Mass!

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