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Fantastic Firenze---Florence, Italy!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Florence, or the proper Italian name of Firenze, is a popular location for great art and wine! Birthplace of the Renaissance, the vibe is still relaxed and full of culture! After hitting the highlights at the many galleries with originals like The David, walk across the Ponte Vecchio bridge to the Piazza de' Pitti! Look to your right and you will see the wonderful little wine bar Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina! The bar was the dream of 3 friends, one of whom I have become friends with for several years.

I first met Manuele in 2016 and have remained in contact. I've ordered wine from the Enoteca over the years when I couldn't visit and they have always made me feel like family.

With the success of the Enoteca, the team had dreams of opening their own restaurant and after many years of hard work, Osteria dell' Enoteca was opened! I have wanted to dine there for several years.

This past summer, 2021, I was able to visit and reconnect with my old friend, Manuele. He was excited to tell me about his new restaurant and I was lucky enough to get one the tables in the high demand Osteria. --Early reservations are a must!

The Enoteca team have created a neighborhood jewel that should find its way on everyone's itinerary. You'll be immediately impressed by the original centuries old brick walls, only to be directed into the wine vault to select your bottle of wine---no need for a wine list--you can literally walk into the wine cave and pick your favorite bottle or ask for a perfect food pairing.

And of course this team of professionals would only serve the highest quality food expertly prepared by the chefs.

It was the perfect dinner to end a perfect day in the romantic city of Firenze!

So, next time you are in Florence, cross the bridge and spend time with the locals who love to tell you about their beautiful city. Remember to say 'hello' (or Buona Sera) and relax with some of the best wine, food and people! Ask for Manuele and tell him Richard sent you!

Una Mas!

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