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Under the Cortona Sun!

The breeze gently fills your room with fresh air. You step onto the balcony and your eyes become fixated on the old church bell tower as you impatiently wait for it to ring.

When in Cortona, why not plan a weekend that has the hotel, dinner and wine tours all included. Nothing inspires La Dolce Vita like being in the Tuscan valley! The architecture, the sun and the endless vineyards draw 1,000s of visitors every week. If you want a smaller, more personal tour, spend 2 days with @Tom DeVries and let him drive you to the 3 different wine locations ranging from a smaller, family ran vineyard, to a larger production location. The tour included two nights stay in a lovely hotel right in Cortona and the two dinners with wine tasting were also a big hit! The winding paths, quaint shops and family friendly atmosphere will make anyone want to find their own Bramasole! So after a few days in Florence, head south and make Cortona your nest stop! You won't be disappointed! De Vries delivers a a unique, exhilarating wine weekend for even those of us with wine knowledge. This isn't your typical wine tour. This is a well though-out, planned and rehearsed wine ride. Why not hop on?!

Ciao -Una Mass!

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